For our vision to succeed, we need resources. To provide resources, we need people. We aim to be a platform were leaders of all ages and positions in the Church can contribute from their own experiences and reflection upon the word of God for the maturing of all God’s people—those who will lead and will be led alike.


If the vision of Teleioteti rings true and you align with our theological foundations, we would be delighted to consider your contributions.

What Does a Contribution to Teleioteti look like?

There are several features that characterize contributions we are looking for. They are well written, clear, insightful, biblical, and well argued pieces that fit the profile of our posts, articles, papers, book reviews, or bibliographies.

A contribution is well written and clear: it is written to serve the one who reads it, clear in its grammar, progression, and the point(s) it is making. We recommend—even for a short post—to plan an outline and have a thesis idea in mind before you write.

A contribution is insightful, biblical, and well argued: it says something new or something old in a new or helpful way; a contribution to teleioteti is not a piece that helps you think through an issue but one that will help others think it through. A contribution should be grounded clearly in the word of God and display cogent reasoning to make its point.

A contribution should fit the profile of our posts, articles, papers, book reviews, or bibliographies: Teleioteti offers many different types of resources; a contribution should be tailored to the profile of one of these resource types. Posts are generally aimed at a popular level (they are non-technical) and quite short (400 or less words) (e.g., The Grace of God in Samuel). Articles are a bit more technical, written for the more theologically inclined Christian, the student, or the pastor (they are semi-technical) and of a medium length (1000 or less words) (e.g., The Irrationalism of Rational Thought). Papers are our most technical offerings and may delve into the biblical languages and deeper theological or philosophical matters (they are technical), yet the aim here should still be accesibility for a broad audience. Papers are generally over a 1000 words (e.g., I Will Make Them Like the Calf). Book reviews, whether a traditional book review or a more focused critique or response, should interact with contemporary or relevant literature in a way that promotes what is biblical and helpful for God’s people or cautions against and questions what maybe less than helpful or even harmful for God’s people (objectivity is not a goal of Teleioteti; faithfulness to God as He has revealed himself in the Bible is).

Works will be evaluated for acceptance along the lines of the above criteria. A certain amount of personal discretion will necessarily be expressed by the editor(s), but a key question will be “is this cleary shown from the Bible.” For example, works that are overly speculative will be rejected.


If you would like to contribute a piece for consideration, please email with an edited final draft of your contribution along with a brief bio—who you are, how God has been and is working in you, what church you are a part of and how you serve there. Include in the subject heading the resource type and title of the piece (along with the book under consideration for reviews), e.g. “Book Review: Biblical Theology by Nick Roark and Robert Cline.”

If you would like to contribute as an editor, please email and provide the reason for your interest, a brief bio (see above), your relevant experience, and samples of your personal writing and editorial work.

We look forward to partnering with you,

Soli Deo Gloria

Contributing Financially?

Teleioteti is, for the moment, not a registered charity or business, so we are unable to solict charitable financial contributions or exchange products and services for contributions. Our overhead is rather low, thankfully, only about $100 a year along with the costs associated with producing books and the time that goes into making the resources we provide and maintaining the website. For more information, contact us at