Teleioteti Books

Christians should not have to choose between faithful or thoughtful books, between books that elevate the Bible or books that elevate reason. Teleioteti is dedicated to producing faithful, thoughtful resources for Christian discipleship. Our books evolve out of these two convictions, that the Christian life must be thoughtful and faithful. Towards this end, all of our books seek to further knowledge of and address the pressing questions of our culture from the Bible.

Seeking to be faithful to Scripture means, among other things, revaluating what we mean by thoughtful in light of the teaching of Scripture. For this reason, our books do not look very “scholarly.” Our books are well researched, interacting fairly and thoroughly with contemporary and historical thought, yet they depart from the canons of modern scholarship in all those areas where human reason is elevated over the self-revelation of God. 

Published Books

Prevenient Grace: An Investigation into Arminianism (Published September, 2016)

Prevenient Grace: An Investigation into Arminianism

Believe the Unbelievable: A Study in Habakkuk (Published October, 2018)


The Gift of Knowing: A Biblical Perspective on Knowing and Truth(Published February, 2019)

God’s Kingdom Through His Priest-King: An Analysis of the Book of Samuel in Light of the Davidic Covenant (Published May, 2019)

The Gift of Reading – Part 1: Reading the Bible in Submission to God (Published September 2019)

The Gift of Reading – Part 2: A Biblical Perspective on Hermeneutics (Published September, 2019)


Books in Progress


I (J. Alexander Rutherford) am currently working to finish writing several projects and to publish several others. In addition to updates on social media and through our posts, all information on forthcoming projects can be found on our coming soon page.