Review of Media, Journalism, and Communication

According to some statistics, the average American Christian spends half of their week engaged with one form of media or another (34-35). Considering nothing more, the sheer amount of time spent immersed in media ought to get our attention and lead thoughtful believers to think upon the way their media habits shape them. Because of … Continue reading Review of Media, Journalism, and Communication

Review of Reading the Bible Supernaturally

There are few contemporary authors who have influenced the way I think about and live out my faith more than John Piper, I was therefore very excited to hear that he had written another book on the Bible—my favorite subject. In particular, Reading the Bible Supernaturally looks at how and why we read the Bible, … Continue reading Review of Reading the Bible Supernaturally

Reading the Old Testament in Order

Does it matter that Judges follows Joshua in our Bibles? We can all agree that it matters whether Joshua is “canonical,” part of God’s authoritative communication to His Church—part of the Bible. But does the order of the books matter? Among the various translations of the Old Testament the books considered “canonical” are mostly the … Continue reading Reading the Old Testament in Order

Review of Biblical Theology

How do lengthy regulations about the manner of dress and eating habits of the Jews point to Jesus? What significance do the proverbs and wisdom literature of the Old Testament have for Christians today? Such questions inevitably face Christians as they read their Bibles. Among scholars who study the Bible, it has been commonly recognized … Continue reading Review of Biblical Theology

Hope for Exiles

Things do not look good for Christians in Canada. Secularism grows in its influence (e.g., the Law Society of Upper Canada). Christian moral ethics are more and more on the periphery of our culture. And our government is introducing bills and making policies that appear to threaten several of the freedoms Christians take for granted … Continue reading Hope for Exiles