A Proposed Interpretation of Hebrews 9:15-22

Why does the author of the Letter to the Hebrews, in the midst of his rigorous argument regarding the New and Old Covenants (diatheke), introduce the rough analogy of a will (diatheke) or does he? The common interpretation understands Hebrews 9:15-22 as an analogy made between a biblical covenant and a will; I briefly contend here that better sense is made of the text if we read diatheke as a covenant between God and man—not a will.

Review of Light in a Dark Place

Buy from WTS Books John Feinberg is a renowned evangelical scholar, having laboured for a life time to do theology from the word of God. Light in a Dark place represents the sum of his life-long commitment to labouring under the authority of Scripture. Because of my interest in the doctrine of Scripture, I was … Continue reading Review of Light in a Dark Place

Review of Reading the Bible Supernaturally

Buy from WTS Books There are few contemporary authors who have influenced the way I think about and live out my faith more than John Piper, I was therefore very excited to hear that he had written another book on the Bible—my favorite subject. In particular, Reading the Bible Supernaturally looks at how and why … Continue reading Review of Reading the Bible Supernaturally

Review of Biblical Theology

Buy from WTS Books How do lengthy regulations about the manner of dress and eating habits of the Jews point to Jesus? What significance do the proverbs and wisdom literature of the Old Testament have for Christians today? Such questions inevitably face Christians as they read their Bibles. Among scholars who study the Bible, it … Continue reading Review of Biblical Theology