A Review of Hebrew and Greek Reader’s Bibles

For many students of the Bible, learning the Bible languages is an unfortunate trial on the way to a degree. But a few of us take seriously Luther’s claim that “we shall not long preserve the Gospel without languages. Languages are the sheath in which this sword of the Spirit is contained. They are the case … Continue reading A Review of Hebrew and Greek Reader’s Bibles

The Crisis of Our Age

Our age is a chaotic one; the heart of this chaos is an authority crisis. The answer to the chaos of this age is submission to God as He has revealed Himself. By holding forth Christ in Scripture and holding fast His Word, Christians offer something our world desperately needs.

The Conquest of the Canaanites

For atheists and Christians alike, the conquest narratives in Joshua prove to be a stumbling block. How do we reconcile these stories with the character of God revealed elsewhere in Scripture?