Partner with Us

Teleioteti relies on partnership to see its vision accomplished. We do what we do through the prayers and the financial support of our partners.

Teleioteti is committed to faithful, thoughtful ministry. Specifically, we provide resources for Christian discipleship. It is our vision to see Christ’s Church mature in its understanding of God and His Word. To fulfill this vision, we need partners. Choosing to partner with Teleioteti could take several different forms.

What Does Partnership with Teleioteti look like?

Partner with us indirectly

Partnering with us in our vision will look different for everyone, but broadly there are two major ways to partner with us. The first is indirectly. We hope that every reader would learn from and use our resources to live faithfully and thoughtfully for God in this world. Our vision is to see the church built up towards maturity. Partner with us, first, by using our resources to see this happen in the local church.

Partner with us directly

The second way to partner with us is directly. To do what we do, we need at least two things: we need prayer support and financial support.


Nothing happens in the Kingdom of God without prayer. Prayer is the means by which God achieves His purposes in this world. For this reason, we need prayer support to accomplish our goals. Pray for wisdom as we write resources for the Church and seek to use the gifts God has entrusted to us to build up His people. Pray also for protection. Whenever God is at work there will be opposition.

Christians are caught up in a war between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. There is bound to be warfare as we seek to expand God’s kingdom in hostile territory. Pray that the Lord would guard us from sin, which has brought down many ministers in His kingdom, and would give us perseverance to endure all the trials that befall such an endeavour as ours.



The basic costs of running keeping this website up are rather low, thankfully, only about $100 a year. Publishing books is a little more costly, costing between $50 – $200 dollars per book for advertising and printing, apart from the hundreds of hours that go in to writing and editing. Thus, the most significant cost of running Teleioteti is time. The limited income made through book sales is often not enough to cover the costs of maintaining Teleiotet; this means that the work I put into Teleioteti is done in my spare time. I work about 35 hours a week and then another 20 so doing site design, writing, editing, and sermon preparation (I get the opportunity to preach 3 or 4 times a year).

It is my prayer that I could one day incorporate my writing into a paid ministry position. However, until God opens the door for this, keeping a web presence through this website and continuing to write incurs some costs. If you desire to support Teleioteti financially, all proceeds will go to paying the costs of operating Teleioteti and then to helping me do this as a job, freeing up my time to write and serve more than I am able to do now. If you would like to know more about supporting us financially see our page on Patreon or email us at

We look forward to partnering with you,

Soli Deo Gloria

Updated, August 2018